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feature fiction film

Year of release: 2024 

Duration: 85 min.

Language: Ukrainian

“The Journey to the Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna” – a movie project in the genre of phantasmagoria telling the story of a strange journey of two Italians in Eastern Ukraine, which immerses them in a world of irony and avant-garde.

This is the first movie adaptation of the work of the Ukrainian writer Mike Johansen (1895-1937).
The story “The Journey of the Scientist Doctor Leonardo and his Future Mistress the Beautiful Alceste to Switzerland of Slobozhanshchyna”, on which the project is based, was created in 1928. Despite that it is a story with a very modern scenic route and interesting unusual characters.
The main geographical place of action is the picturesque area of Sloboda Ukraine, so-called “Switzerland of Slobozhanshchyna”.