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THROUGH THE FENCE. Simply about feminism

web series

Year of release: 2021

Duration: 20 minutes

Language: Ukrainian 

Natalia and Lesya are neighbors.
Natalia is self-confident, determined, and knowledgeable. She has a family and children. And she is a feminist.
Lesya, on the other hand, lives in a world where women are the "weaker sex," where even the word "feminism" is uttered in whispers and with a shy blush.
Is this feminism as terrible as it seems to Lesya?
Will Natalia be able to convince her neighbor that feminism is not a threat?
That feminism concern every modern woman, even if she doesn't admit it?

Cast: Natalia Tsymbal, Daria Kushnirenko.
Vocals: Svitlana Mozhaitina, Anna Myronchuk.