About Kharkiv…

Mediagroup 8 constantly lives in Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine. In the same time, it`s possible for us to shoot video in any other place of the country. Everything depends on your desire. But we can discuss it later. Now we would like to prove You, that Kharkiv has a lot of interesting film locations with their unique architecture and wonderful nature. By the way, in Kharkiv there is a modern international airport and also a big railway station, so it’s easy to get here. You wouldn`t also find any troubles with placement and food. But anyway, if You will need something, we will gladly help You, if it will be in our power of course.

So, Kharkiv.

Old flour mill factory

Kharkiv has a long, difficult and contradictory history, that finds its specific reflection in diversified architecture ensemble. Kharkiv has a magnificent plexus of different styles. You can find houses, buildings and cathedrals that are unique and live evidence of their epoch and architectural genre. Everything are here: baroque, classicism, eclecticism, renaissance revival, neoclassicism, byzantine revival, art-nouveau, art-nouveau Ukrainian, constructivism (of course, who doesn`t know our famous Derzhprom), art-deco, stalinist empire, modernism, postmodernism, high-tech and others, not so popular architecture styles.

Freedom Square

You can visit the gigantic Freedom Square, where stay constructive building of Derzhprom and two largest Karazin University housings. Their simple, original and laconic look make You think that all the city has the same soul and appearance, and that You already know it in advance. But then, You may pass a little, turn onto a small street, and completely unexpectedly the old low multicolor houses, with beautiful fretwork and colonnade appears in front of You. That must be choking. Choking, but interesting and beautiful.


Darwin street
Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M. V. Lysenko
Sumska Street






So, You will see, that some of the parts of the city look very modern, almost European, others have their own spirit of the history, thirds have totally soviet appearance, it make You think that time stopes in theses enchanted places. But everywhere all these strange, beautiful, surprising things look very picturesque and sincere. That is some sort of wonder. A miracle, that needed to be sealed on the camera.

Abandoned station of ionosphere study

Kharkiv also has many old factories, that look very authentic, as after apocalypse, different abandoned soviet complexes, that haven`t changed to much from their own epochs. For example, the abandoned station of ionosphere study, which consists of several antenna fields and a giant parabolic antenna with a diameter of 25 meters, a real illustration for the novel of cyberpunk genre. Also You may find very old, almost untouched by the contemporary restoration work, picturesque houses, which have a beautiful exterior design. There are plenty of pretty botanic gardens and parks, interesting looking markets and cozy little courtyards. Isn`t it charming?

If You are interesting in old “Russian manor houses”, it`s possible, for example, to make a video in the territory of old Sharovka`s park. There situated the marvelous white Sharovskiy palace, that was created in gothic revival architecture style. Or Natalevka complex, which is represented by several buildings in the Gothic and Pskov-Novgorod style – wonderful representatives of its history period. There is also the Shidlov`s manor house, ancient building, that has an interesting, almost round form.


Sharovskiy palace
Shidlov`s manor house
Natalevka complex






If You are fan on nature beauty, Kharkiv region has a lot of things to share with You. There are so many forests deciduous and coniferous, stunning wheaten fields, ponds, steppes with their unique fauna, meadows, hills, covered with soft grasses and wild flowers, lakes, swamps with beautiful water lilies, small authentic villages, which almost does not remain in Western Europe and so on. For example, on the river Donets the park “Homolshan forests” is located, where it`s possible to find many wild animals and see unique hillforts of different archeological epochs. Or Krasnokutsky arboretum – one of the most beautiful and ancient park in Ukraine – very original place. Kharkiv region even has its own little desert – Kitsovskaya desert, where in Soviet times was a tank range. Also there are astonishing cretaceous mountains – unique and unusually picturesque place.


Park “Homolshan forests
Cretaceous mountains
Kitsovskaya desert






In general, in Kharkiv it is very easy to find an unusually beautiful place for landscape filming. The nature here gives a feeling of an unobstructed space and freedom. In addition, she is amazingly beautiful.

So, as You can see Kharkiv is one of the most controversial, contrasting and picturesque cities of Ukraine. There are so many things here. There is a wonderful interweaving of times, styles,of  urbanization and the nature. An original city, an unusual place for filming. Please contact us for further information and we will be happy to introduce you to Kharkiv. We are sure that it will be a fruitful and interesting cooperation.