Filming in Ukraine

Welcome to make movie in Ukraine!

If you want not only to take part in film`s festival, but also to win, you have to create an original, qualitative and interesting film story. But this is more easily said than done. There are several solutions of this problem. For example, you can try to do shoot video on your own property. But it`s always difficult, demand too much forces, time, patience of your relatives, and money, of course. We all know that it`s a painful problem for most of the young film directors.

In the same time, it can be not so easy to organize the shooting process in your country. There are always so many of bureaucratic obstacles. So, what you really can do, if the desire of creation some documentary or feature movies is so strong. Maybe it`s a right time to think about the filming abroad.

Of course, you will confront some challenges. It could be the specific of mentality or cultural misunderstandings or others “terrible things”. But in the same time it could be a possibility to create some film story in the cheap, unusual and interesting way.

Production of film in post-Soviet or Eastern European countries is the best solution of the problem of a small budget. The job of the specialists here is inexpensive, but in the same time qualitative enough for European market. It`s easy to find a good equipment’s, and their prices here would be lower enough. Also these territories can propose you a bunch of interesting location with their own regional coloring. So it could certainly cheap your process of filmmaking.

So if you really decided to make film abroad, you have to take into consideration some important moments, which could be related with it. Some of them are presented here:

  • at first you have to explore the market of the production studios;
  • to find one, which correspond your level, desire and budget;
  • now it`s time for direct contact with the producer of this chosen production studio, you can find your own way (Skype…);
  • in this privet conversation you have to discuss some operational details, it will be:
  • with what kind of crew, you will cooperate (constant or specially hired)

–      your own residence in the country. Who will take care of it

–      it`s important, that the second film director or assistant of the director will be a native speaker for the better cooperation with the crew

–      you have to provide the brief to producer or clearly inform of your main idea

–      it`s necessary that you`ll receive all the information about crew, technic, location

–       you have to discuss with the representative of producing studio the conditions of the future work (the duration of the working shift, how it will be payed, what about catering, how many of the makeup artists or property man will be needed and so on)

–       how the search for locations will be implemented (directly by you, so it will be necessary to think about associated costs or remotely, by the location manager, who need to be payed)

–       the same question about casting. It could be actors from your country or local specialists.

So it`s all for today. In our next topic we will talk about the searching of the correspondent locations.